Sourcing Clarity in a Complex World

In response to COVID-19, we developed expertise in solving global supply chain disruptions. Our team provides business development, market analysis, logistics support, and industry intelligence. We ensure our clients are able to provide the highest quality PPE products and best-in-class testing services.

Business Development

As a strategic sales and lead generation arm, we qualify prospective buyers, implement pricing and supply chain strategies, and manage relationships from production to delivery. Our team creates proprietary marketing materials and uses best-in-class technologies to curate and develop targeted outreach campaigns.

Market Analysis

The KOACORE Research team provides thorough reporting of specific global markets depending on our customer's current focuses and needs. We extensively analyze data from premier providers in order to synthesize information and strategically present our findings.

Industry Intelligence

We tap into our wealth of transactional data and daily interactions with industry leaders to provide visibility into real-time supply and demand of PPE products for our clients. We also leverage public and private market reports to help forecast cost, supply, and raw material inputs in a variety of PPE related markets.

Logistics Support

We leverage our supply chain partnerships and expertise to provide our clients with freight management, warehousing, drop shipping, and logistics insurance. We are capable of managing international freight by sea or air, LTL and FTL trucking, pick & pack, and drop & parcel shipping.

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