We offer production run glove options (flexible financing available) as well as verified, manufacturer-direct OTG gloves that meet ASTM D6319 and ASTM D6978-05 specifications. Our team has access to Nitrile for medical use and industrial use, Latex, Vinyl for exam use and food-grade, and TPE for food-grade use.

Additionally, KOACORE is the primary U.S. distributor of  Palmcare USA’s Palm Care Nitrile Glove and Palm Care Latex Glove in the United States. To date, we have provided over 300,000 boxes of Palmcare Nitrile Gloves to California’s Department of General Services, and over 1,000,000 boxes to institutional entities such as WAXIE Sanitary Supply, Tranzonic, Midway Dental, and others.

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We offer production run gown options (flexible financing available) as well as verified, manufacturer-direct OTG gowns (AAMI Level 1-4 across a range of different materials & weights). Our gown suppliers have provided over $250,000,000 in gown supply to U.S.-based healthcare & EMS entities, including FEMA, the State of Florida’s Emergency Management Services, and the State of California. We are their U.S. distribution partner.

We have provided gowns to U.S.-based healthcare entities, such as SUNY’s Hospital System, and are capable of servicing dozens of ancillary textile-based protective wear SKU’s through our manufacturers.

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EPA List N Disinfecting Wipes

KOACORE is a “one-stop shop” disinfecting wipe program. We offer many different product sizes for all appropriate use cases – individually wrapped wipes, flat packs, 160 ct. canisters, all the way to 1,000 ct. wipe industrial buckets (and everything in between). Our manufacturers are U.S.-based and owned, producing strong, non-abrasive wipes (40+ GSM) saturated with a range of different formulas – for use in Healthcare, Institutional & Residential Sites. Our manufacturers are world class, co-packing for top brands like PDI, Albaad USA, North American Infection Control (NAIC), and others.

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We offer an array of approved products including: domestic and internationally made NIOSH approved N95s, CDC approved KN95 masks, 3-ply masks (Levels 1, 2, and 3), face shields and fabric masks.

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