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Meet Our Team

Teddy Raskin

Founder & CEO

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Stephen Luckoff

Chief of Staff

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Sam Jahnke

Event Operations

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Tommy Pennington

Product Strategy

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How It All Started

Koacore is a global, technology-enabled managed services company. We’re dedicated to driving impact for our partners through strategic operations and digital capabilities. 

Koa originally started in 2020 as a supply chain operator as KOA-SUPPLY, launched to address the challenges of international supply chain in crisis. KOA-SUPPLY successfully delivered over 90 million health and safety products and enabled the delivery of over $55M in humanitarian aid through its nonprofit work as a founding partner of the Worldwide Friends Foundation. KOA-SUPPLY was acquired in 2024 by Cato, a company revolutionizing the medical supply chain through innovative machine-learning and virtual agent technologies. 

Koa also launched Donating Simplified, leveraging its operational expertise to empower inventory donations. Donating Simplified has served over 50 corporate partners and facilitated over $100M in product donations to impactful charities. 

Additionally, Koacore branched off into managed services for the live event space through KOA-LIVE. successfully managed health, safety, and security services at over 1,500 live events and kept over 2,500,000 fans safe across the United States. Today, Koacore operates KOA-K9 and KOA-Confirmed and is dedicated to the mission of making live events safer for everyone. 

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